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Drilling Into Your Tile Backsplash To Hang DIY Shelves (GASP!)

Back when we shared the final duplex kitchens last May (and a full budget breakdown in October), I promised some more details on the DIY floating shelves and – in particular – how we drilled through the tile backsplash to hang them securely. It took me way too long to share the shelf-building-tile-drilling details, but […]

Flat roof benefits and maintenance to help avoid repairs or damage

Flat roofs are a great choice for either a budget-friendly new roof or as a roof for a new extension. It is a quick and easy option to install, has a great return on value and compliments many decors. In fact, flat roofs are currently popular in home design. The post Flat roof benefits and […]

Must-have custom cabinet features for your kitchen

Renovating your home is an investment that can and will pay off. With kitchen renovations, in particular, adding custom cabinets is a very worthwhile investment with a great return. Plus, with custom cabinets allow for features and additions you wouldn’t get with regular stock cabinetry. The post Must-have custom cabinet features for your kitchen appeared […]

Major renovation ideas: custom build, infill or renovate 

Custom, major renovations are the perfect way to transform your home into your dream home. That being said, if you are looking for a major change in your home, there are also other options. Building a brand-new home or a custom infill are also potentials when it comes to transforming or creating a dream home! […]

5 Tips for Planning a Major Home Remodel

Planning a major home remodel or new home build can be a massive undertaking. Enlisting the help of an experienced and knowledgeable general contractor and builder is a good place to start, but there are still some very important things you need to consider before anyone starts swinging a hammer. 5 Tips for Planning a […]

Deck Add-On Ideas

Attaching a deck on your home is a great way to expand your living space. When building your deck, there are endless design choices to make. Putting personal touches into your deck space will make it tailor-made for you and your family. The post Deck Add-On Ideas appeared first on RenovationFind Blog.

#162: What Sherry’s Not Buying For An Entire Year

That’s right, there’s a new personal shopping challenge going on at our house – and this time Sherry has committed to skipping any purchases in a specific (and pretty wide category) FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. We’re also talking with simplicity expert Emily Ley about how she combats “busyness” and creates more time and space in […]

Benefits of using hydroseeding for your landscape project

If you’re planning a new landscape project, you’ve probably also considered what to do with your lawn. Lawns play quite a role in overall landscape design and appeal, so it’s important to have an attractive looking space. There are a lot of ways to do so, from adding new sod or trying to fertilize. The […]


When it comes to windows, you want the best. Windows are not merely for allowing more light into your home. They offer many other benefits, including adding value to your home, lower energy bills, safer for the environment, and more. The post 3 REASONS WHY TILT AND TURN WINDOWS ARE WORTH THE UPGRADE appeared first […]

Picking the right tile flooring for each room in your home

Switching to tile floors in your home may seem like a daunting decision, given all the available choices. From natural stone floors, ceramic or porcelain tile, each offers its own benefits and matches for certain rooms. An easy reason to choose tile, though, is that no matter, tile flooring is a guaranteed value boost! The […]