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A VERY Exciting LA Update: Our Kids’ Shared Bedroom (Vintage, Pattern, Tassels and a Red Zebra Rug???)

The timing of life is just so funny. I FINALLY get around to making their shared room actually cute, and then BOOM the world says guess again. While we are living up in the mountains for the foreseeable future, the kid’s room is still underway – kinda. Julie and her boyfriend are now house-sitting (this […]

Our Living Room, Dressed Up for the Holidays (With a ‘And How I Feel About It’ Running Commentary)

In my constant internal (yet playful) battle between “low-maintenance mom of two” and “internet stylist,” “mom” is currently in the lead, as she should be. Meanwhile across the street at the sofa battling arena “traditional navy blue” sofa has won for the month of December. Typically we DRIP over here in holiday decor, on every […]