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Unique Feature Wall & Ceiling Ideas For a Rental + Help Mallory Decide Which One To Choose

Hey all, Mallory is back and ready for more apartment action. This is Mallory, I’m just talking about myself in the third person for some reason. I already showed you guys my initial studio apartment design plan + shared all of my “stupid” questions that I needed answered by a professional (aka Julie), but I […]

Ask The Audience: Help Ryann Choose Her Living Room Rug Because She Really Can’t

Hi Friends! Ryann here ready to talk shop about living room rugs (well, mine at least). You might remember me and my apartment from this post where I explained my closet storage agony and consequently felt super vulnerable in showing strangers my very unfinished bedroom. But I’ve made some changes since then, namely, the sofa […]

Caitlin’s Minimalist Maximalist Makeover Takeover Style Intro – Things Are About To Get COLORFUL

design by black lacquer design We are getting WEIRD and BRIGHT today, folks. It’s the introduction to my MOTO and an overview of my interior style, which I’ve hereby deemed “Minimalist Maximalist.” Also if you don’t know what a MOTO is, it’s short for MakeOver TakeOver. The basic gist is that each member of the EHD […]