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Our Backyard Evolution – The Changes I Didn’t Tell You About And How The Trees Are Doing After The 2017 Massacre

Four years in this backyard and many many memories made. The nature scavenger hunts, snow cone parties, but mostly just the kids having total freedom from us helicoptering since it’s just so safe. The things you want as a parent seem so boring, but once you become one you realize that all you/I want is […]

A Mid-Century Eclectic Living Room with Kilz Primer and Paint – The Dark Room Problem SOLVED

Today we have a much-awaited apartment living room reveal for my friend, Chandler. It was a space dripping with potential with a massive dark accent wall that created quite the challenge that was solved beautifully by our partner, KILZ. Julie safely took the lead on this design, by using a lot of what he had, […]

Sylvia’s Surprise Makeover: The Living Room (Get Your Tissue Box Ready)

Yesterday afternoon during our Thursday team happy hour, the mood was less “happy” and more worried/anxious as we all glanced outside at the orange haze filling up our sky. We know that we are not alone in these feelings and that all over this country and world we are being hit with one tragedy after […]

A Crisp And Bright Kitchen Renovation That is Super Kid-Friendly From One Of Our Very Own EHD Insiders

Back in June, we launched our EHD Insider Community to give readers access to more behind the scenes content as well as offer a space for design enthusiasts. Members can share their projects, design agonies, ask questions, generally talk about design with the awesome members, and pitch ideas for future stories on the blog. It […]

Styled To Sell: Elliot’s “Bedroom” That No One Has Actually Slept In, But It’s Still Pretty Darn Dreamy…

Despite its dreaminess, amazing light and wall of windows, after Birdie moved into Charlie’s room this room was an embarrassing storage collection for over a year. We moved a desk in here while we fixed the basement and had a dresser full of I don’t know what. It sucked. I truly didn’t know its purpose […]

Our Guest Room/Office Basement Suite Reveal … + How To Make A Basement (Office) Feel Warm, Happy And Functional

This post could also be titled “How Brian Came to Finally Realize That My Habit of Hoarding Beautiful Things Actually Comes in Handy After 20 Years of Being in a Relationship”. I don’t think I bought like anything for this room (maybe 2 things) decor-wise, and simply pulled it all from my admittedly robust prop […]