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Sylvia’s Surprise Makeover: The Living Room (Get Your Tissue Box Ready)

Yesterday afternoon during our Thursday team happy hour, the mood was less “happy” and more worried/anxious as we all glanced outside at the orange haze filling up our sky. We know that we are not alone in these feelings and that all over this country and world we are being hit with one tragedy after […]

Living Room Update – AGAIN – Our New Sofa, My Dream Floral Chaise And The Pop Of Red I Always Wanted In My Life

This room. My beautiful, bright charming problem child of a room needs more care and attention (and thought) than any of the others. Why? WHY? It’s such a pretty room!!!??? I’m blaming the children and my intense need for comfort and practicality these days. But historically I’ve blamed the old sofa, the bright rug (then […]

The Design That We’ll Never Get to See in Person – AT’s Small/Cool Event + 5 Renter Hacks for a Small Space

Remember back at the beginning of March (what now feels like a year ago) when we showed you a Sneak Peek Into Our Current Design Projects? Well, today is the day to show you the “final results” of one of them. No, this isn’t our typical room reveal. A lot has shifted between then and […]

How To Style Out Your Outdoor Space So You’ll Actually Use It (No Matter How Big Or Small It Is)

There’s no doubt about it, this spring and summer are going to be a little different. But listen, mother earth is calling (we hear you now!) and now that the weather all over the country is starting to tip into sunny and warm, maybe getting outside will help us all shift our perspectives a bit. […]