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Sara’s Kitchen “Update” Spirals Into A full Renovation (Plus – Help Her Choose A Design Plan)

photo via deVOL Recently, I decided that I was going to put all my #shelterinplace energy into one room – my kitchen. I spend most of my free time in there these days after all. And last week I shared my initial plan for a $3k budget, kitchen UPDATE. Last week feels so long ago. […]

The Mountain House Kitchen Organization One Year Later – How Well Have I Kept It Up?

My annual flare-up of ‘clutter body’ has sent me into a nighttime and weekend frenzy to organize EVERY SINGLE cabinet in my LA home. There are sharpies in the vitamin drawer, extension cords next to the saran wrap (not that I have saran wrap, of course, I don’t), I saw a rogue pacifier (??) in […]