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How To Paint A Colorful Abstract Wall Mural

Last week we showed you how most of our daughter’s room has come together so far, and today we’ve got all the details about one wall that you didn’t see. similar dresser | dresser pulls | similar lamp | mirror | similar hamper | fan | gold frames We’re giving it its own post because […]

The Outside Of Our Florida House: Before & Now!

You guys. I am very excited about this post. And John’s computer froze and crashed two times this morning while we were trying to work on this, and my enthusiasm STILL ENDURES, which is a good indication of just how into this I am. I’m going to try to let the pics do all the […]

A Look At How Far Our House’s Exterior Has Come

We’re currently still in Richmond (not for much longer though!), and in order to share a huge progress post about our Florida house’s exterior, we want to be there in person so we can take tons of progress photos that’ll explain a lot more and make that post exceptionally exciting. So that’s coming your way […]

Our Florida House Inspiration Pictures

As promised, I’m sharing a ton of photos that are inspiring us the most when it comes to our new house in Florida. My alternate title for this post was BEACHY VIBES 4 DAYZ because I feel like we have been preparing for this moment for our entire adult lives. Ha! So many of you […]

How We Cleaned A Dingy Secondhand Rug

Pretty much every vintage runner we own is one that we have ordered online, never having seen them in person. Generally, we’ve had great luck. But it’s always kind of a gamble because you can’t fully trust a photo to show you what something truly looks like in person (especially under the specific lighting conditions […]

Our Master Bathroom: Before & Afters Plus A Budget Breakdown!

We waited over 6 years to start our master bathroom renovation and now, nearly 6 months later, it’s fully completed! And you know what that means – the master bathroom curse that we discovered over the last month definitely seems to be in play (more on that here). All jokes aside (but really, is the […]

Holy Buckets, We’re Moving! (To A Smaller House In A New State)

In case you haven’t had a chance to listen to this week’s podcast or read the transcript, we wanted to put our big news into an actual blog post. It’s basically a combination of info from the podcast + additional details based on some common questions that kept rolling in. It’s one of the biggest […]

How We Organized The Beach House Kitchen (With Video!)

Someone asked me the other day for details on how we organized the beach house kitchen, which is something we photographed and filmed this summer to share with you guys, and when I went to send them the link to this post, I realized that we never actually wrote it! So yes, these pictures sat […]

How We Added Decorative Wall Molding To Our Master Bathroom

First off, we just gotta say THANK YOU for all the excitement you guys have shared for our big duplex news (if you missed it you can listen to this week’s podcast or read the entire thing here). But back to our bathroom molding…. You know we love a DIY wall treatment just as much […]

Seven Spaces We Updated At The Beach House Over The Last 2 Years (And Why)

I’m someone who loves those detailed “what worked & what didn’t” posts where someone looks back on the choices they made and shares what didn’t work out as well as they hoped – and how they adjusted to make things work better for their family (more comfortable/more practical/more beautiful/etc). And since we furnished this house […]