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The Link Up: Caitlin’s $8 Storage Hack, Mallory’s New Pillow Purchase, and The Documentary We All Need To Watch (Or Rewatch)

We don’t really have the words this week for a fun intro. Friday was the gut punch. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a force for good and progress. What she gave of herself can only be honored by continuing her work. So let’s get to it. Have a voting plan (do it early if possible) […]

The Link Up: Julie’s WILD/Amazing Foot Mask, Malcolm’s Boutique Hotel-Esque Sconces, and The Bath Towels We Have Told Everyone We Know About

To say the last week was an easy week would be a lie. Between the fires raging down the west coast and the 19th anniversary of 9/11 (oh and not to mention the pandemic), our hearts go out to everyone impacted by the vast amount of tragedies surrounding our world. We are sending our love […]

The Link Up: Emily’s New Favorite Jean Shorts, Julie’s Genius Mask Hack, and The Best Clothing Sale This Weekend

Welcome to September and our first link up of the month. It’s shockingly already Labor Day (well tomorrow)…time is really flying by this year. One good piece of news is that you are going to see our contributors popping up in the link ups and today we are starting with someone very special:) So with […]

The Link Up: Emily’s Target Studio McGee Line Picks, Our Favorite Yoga Mat and Sara’s Very Important (and Personal) Charity

This past week left us speechless… yet again. While beautiful reveals help to create moments of escape, we have to continue keep our eyes wide open and actively fight against injustice. So before we get into another small dose of escapism, if you can donate to Jacob Blake’s GoFundMe and if anyone has information about […]

The Link Up: The T-Shirt Emily Bought This Week, Mallory’s Go-To Wallpaper, and The Shopping Resource We Wish We Found Sooner

Hey happy Sunday! Welcome back to another edition of the EHD Link Up. We sure are glad to have you here. Lil recap on this week: you may have heard our favorite team leader, Emily Henderson had some big news, so here’s the link to that post in case you missed it (we are so […]

The Link Up: Julie’s New $30 Yellow Pants, Ryann’s Affordable Wall Art, and The Best Trick To Keeping Your Plants Alive

Geez, can you believe we’re more than halfway through August?? This means summer is almost over and we hardly remember it even happening…what a weird time. Hopefully, your week was full of good things and not bad things. If it was full of good things, let’s celebrate, and if not here are some links to […]

The Link Up: Emily’s Affordable Vintage Daybed Replacement, Ryann’s Favorite Cast Iron Skillet, and The Face Masks We’re All Ordering

Welcome welcome welcome to this week’s link up, we’re your hosts, the EHD staffers. If you listen to Armchair Expert then I hope you read that line in Dax Shepard’s voice. If you don’t listen, give it a go because we can’t stop talking about it around here…still. It’s another lovely Sunday and we’ve got […]

The Link Up: Caitlin’s Comfiest Romper, The TV Show BOTH Emily and Brian Like, and The Perfect Lip Stain

It’s Sundaaaaaayyyy! We hope you’re doing something like making chocolate chip pancakes and listening to the classic hit ‘Sunday Morning’ from way back when Maroon 5 was… well, let’s just say that song is from their best album. Anyway, we hope you’re having a great weekend, and let’s get right into this week’s goodies. UP […]

The Link Up: Ryann’s New Favorite Denim Shorts, Jess’ Go-To Good Mood Song & Sara’s MUST HAVE Skin Serum

design by roman alonso | photo by stephen kent johnson | via architectural digest Hello friends. We hope you had a lovely weekend and are staying safe and healthy. In case you missed it, this week we hosted our very first Zoom Happy Hour Q&A with Emily on the EHD Insider Community and it was […]