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Caitlin’s Minimalist Maximalist Makeover Takeover Style Intro – Things Are About To Get COLORFUL

design by black lacquer design We are getting WEIRD and BRIGHT today, folks. It’s the introduction to my MOTO and an overview of my interior style, which I’ve hereby deemed “Minimalist Maximalist.” Also if you don’t know what a MOTO is, it’s short for MakeOver TakeOver. The basic gist is that each member of the EHD […]

My Favorite “Household Basics” (Including The Bed Pillow I Travel With Because I Love It That Much)

photo by tessa neustadt | from: our modern english country kitchen When you find yourself bringing your pillow to a nice hotel like Brian and I did on our overnight date, that must mean it’s GOOD. I get asked very, very, very often by my team/friends “What is your favorite (insert something totally unsexy/stylish)?” or […]