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How To Make A DIY Channel Tufted Headboard (& How Our Daughter’s Room Is Coming Along)

After using our favorite method to make a simple headboard for our son’s room last week, we actually had enough leftover materials to try out a new trick in our daughter’s room – which yielded a completely free headboard for her. Three cheers for $0 projects, right? Especially since she helped us settle on the […]

DIY Headboard + Custom Bookshelf = Cozy Built-in Kids Bed

Now that we’ve checked off the basic needs in each of our bedrooms (you know like beds, window coverings, clothing storage, etc), we’ve shifted our focus towards… adding even more function (hello, I’m John “Practical” Petersik). Last week we shared the current state of our bedroom and today we have a few projects that we […]

What Our Bedroom Looks Like Now & What We’ve Got Planned

Yesterday marks two months since we moved, and our bedroom was probably the last room to make the transition from “dumping ground of things to unpack” to “comfortable space that feels like ours.” So here’s where things are currently – and what’s still ahead of us (including some bad photoshop to give you a peek […]

Two Final House Tour Videos (an “After Tour” & one that shows what we’re leaving behind)

Ok, this post won’t need a lot of words (famous last words from this Chatty Cathy) because the two videos in this post will do a lot of the work for us. You can just click play below to see a final “after tour” of our house, as it looked right before our real estate […]

Our Florida House Inspiration Pictures

As promised, I’m sharing a ton of photos that are inspiring us the most when it comes to our new house in Florida. My alternate title for this post was BEACHY VIBES 4 DAYZ because I feel like we have been preparing for this moment for our entire adult lives. Ha! So many of you […]

How We Cleaned A Dingy Secondhand Rug

Pretty much every vintage runner we own is one that we have ordered online, never having seen them in person. Generally, we’ve had great luck. But it’s always kind of a gamble because you can’t fully trust a photo to show you what something truly looks like in person (especially under the specific lighting conditions […]

Turning A Mostly Unused Room Into A Kids Art & Work Space

Some of you will remember that way back in January, Sherry talked about grabbing these wood chairs from Target on Instagram Stories for “a side project we’re working on that we’ll share after we complete the bathroom.” And then the bathroom dragged on for a few more months (you can see the finished product & […]

A Surprisingly Quick And Demo Free Hall Bathroom Makeover

This bathroom came together in such a short period of time, we almost can’t believe it ourselves (and we witnessed it with our own four eyeballs). If we hadn’t watched it fly along ourselves, while everything just seemed to line up perfectly, we probably wouldn’t have thought it was possible – especially after the longest-bathroom-reno-of-our-lives […]

A Beach House Middle Bedroom Update: It’s DONE!

BEHOLD! The new & improved middle bedroom at the beach house (*crowd goes wild, people do The Hype, battle rap horns sound, DJ Kahled shouts “DJ KAHLEDDDDD”, maybe Cardi B. is there with one of those t-shirt cannons?*). I hope you enjoyed that mental image as much as I did. daybed / rug / curtains […]

A Big Master Bathroom & Closet Update

We made some pretty exciting progress over the last few weeks that has earned us a much-more-functional space with a random but doable smattering of tasks left on our to-do list. We’re definitely rounding third base on this bathroom (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean – we’re getting extremely close to the […]