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Sara’s Kitchen “Update” Spirals Into A full Renovation (Plus – Help Her Choose A Design Plan)

photo via deVOL Recently, I decided that I was going to put all my #shelterinplace energy into one room – my kitchen. I spend most of my free time in there these days after all. And last week I shared my initial plan for a $3k budget, kitchen UPDATE. Last week feels so long ago. […]

My (Beginner) Plan To Start Growing A Backyard Garden – With Key & Tips From Some Experts: “Climate Victory Gardens” Are Here

In celebration of Earth Day I’m going back to my survivalist roots (bringing the bad puns with me) and revealing to you my patio and backyard plan to install a “Victory Garden” so us Hendersons can attempt to grow and eat our own food (AND SO CAN YOU). It’s been in the works for a […]