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#ShowEmYourHoliday: How YOU All Decorated For Christmas (Such Good Stuff, Folks)

design and image via @michelle_janeen

We’ve said it before and I’ll say it again here: this year’s Christmas crunch feels INSANE. I’m in the process of decorating (shooting tomorrow for the blog, eek!) and I feel like basically, Christmas might as well be over already…it’s happening THAT fast. Thanks for nothing super late Thanksgiving. Okay, grinchy moment over. But for real, that’s mostly just to say, we’ve thrown a lot of holiday content your way this week because it felt like, if we didn’t, by next week, there’d be no point. It’s probably safe to say MOST people have bedecked their halls already, but in case you haven’t fully and still looking for inspiration, I present to you one of my favorite posts of the season: our #ShowEmYourHoliday roundup, with photos from YOUR very own homes.

We did this last year, and it was SO much fun for us all to see how everyone was decorating. You can follow that hashtag to see everything that was posted (SO MUCH great stuff, guys), and also, in general, follow #ShowEmYourStyled to see what the EHD social community is doing at home. Anyhow, we loved it in 2018, and it seemed like you all did, as well. Any moment we can shout out our super talented followers and readers, we’ll take. That said, even if you’re all decorated up (or not decorating, or don’t celebrate), it’s more a voyeur moment of WHAT DO PEOPLE’S HOMES LOOK LIKE and we’re here for that (spoken from someone who spent much of her childhood visiting open houses with her parents not because we were moving, but because we wanted to, um…be creepy people who looked at how other people were living).

There were HUNDREDS of photos, and sadly we couldn’t run them all, but we hope you enjoy what’s here (and again, go check out #ShowEmYourHoliday for it all). Let’s do this.


2x2 Trees 2 Copy
clockwise from top left: @jyoungdesignhouse | @kensington_adobe | @unapologetic_home | @missesmacke_hometheology

So many beautiful trees, so few days between Thanksgiving and Christmas (okay, for real, I’m done with that now). I mean will you take a look at that tree from @jyoungdesignhouse? I love a tree that’s so heavily decorated, you can almost hear the branches screaming for mercy. The wood beads happening on the trees from @kensington_adobe and @missesmacke_hometheology have that sweet, Scandi vibe I’m very into this year, and clearly, woven tree collars are all the rage right now.

2x2 Trees 1
clockwise from top left: @goldalamode | @emilysuenetz | @allisonsextoninteriors | @carolineloganphoto

This is what I’m calling the “flocked glam” board and man are they all pretty, hm? I’m particularly enamored of the honeycomb paper ornaments on @emilysuenetz’s tree at the top right. Swoon.

Garland & Wreaths

 2500 Garland Copy
via @carolineloganphoto

While I love a good tree moment, I gotta tell ya…the “garland and wreath” category is ALWAYS my favorite. Drape that greenery everywhere, people. You can either keep it super simple like @carolineloganphoto did above, or get a little friskier with lights, mix-and-match greenery, orange slices and more.

 3x3 Grid Garland Copy
clockwise from top left: @prettydomesticated | @carpendaughter | @creekwoodhill | @carpendaughter | @caniwearvanswiththat | @homewithrue

Loving the swoop over window thing going on in @prettydomesticated’s dining nook, and the use of garland + dried oranges in that clerestory window bank is SO good from @creekwoodhill (who I met at our reader event and I’m basically obsessed with…hi Lea!!).

 2x1 Garland Copy
left to right: @cassie_bustamante | @1954_house

I needed some inspo for what to do on the mirror above my fireplace, and I think I’m going to tap this photo from @1954_house as my muse because it’s subtle but seasonal.

 2x2 Garland Copy
clockwise from top left: @kdiondesign | @elmhurstdesign | @jogalbraightathome | @hartley_home

I actually bought that same wreath over @hartley_home‘s mirror in that foyer (it’s from Target!) and it’s SO pretty both in photos and IRL. I’d also like to take a moment and call out that wreath-meets-gallery-wall moment from @elmhurstdesign. If I had a place to store art from my gallery wall, I’d probably be doing this also. Wait…maybe I will. Stay tuned.

 2500 Wreath 1
via @kismet_house

And lastly in this category, from @kismet_house is this sweet wreath-hanging-from-stick thing that I’m VERY into. I love how the wreathes don’t necessarily “match” which makes it easier to do with what you’ve collected over the years (or will collect). Note the different hanging heights for that casual organic vibe.


 2500 Fireplace 2
via @jillhinsoninteriors

HELLO CANDY COLORED BOTTLEBRUSH FOREST. Thank you @jillhinsoninteriors for this super fun vignette. So much of Christmas decor recently falls into the “natural/neutral” territory that feels very Pinterest, but this gives me life and reminds me that you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT. It would have been easy for this thing to have gone off the rails, but being that it’s all just one type of thing (bottlebrush trees), it works as a cool collection even with all those different colors.

2x1 Fireplace Copy
left to right: @carpendaughter | @my_best_laid_plans

But of course if the neutral thing is your thing (and I get it, because it works best with most people’s everyday decor), this shot from @carpendaughter is so quiet and earthy (love the black tapers). Or take it up a notch with ribbon on each side, pinecones and lots of candles like @my_best_laid_plans did here.

2x2 Fireplace 2 Copy
clockwise from top left: @classicallydunn | @theheartandhaven | @sarahsmithdesignwa | @the.lovelee.life

More neutral inspiration here but man is it pretty. I’m particularly into @the.lovelee.life making the absolute most of that notch above the fireplace. No mantel, no problem.

2x2 Fireplace Copy
clockwise from top left: @thegraycottage | @tonicliving | @suzannahstanley | @carolineloganphoto

Show me a dried orange garland, and I’ll show you a smile. It makes me think of the perfect Love Actually fueled English Christmas I’ve always dreamed of (says the Puerto Rican girl…). I applaud the soft swag of what @carolineloganphoto did above.

Shelfies & Tabletops

 2500 Table
via @grace_start

This category is so great for everyone, but particularly for anyone who maybe doesn’t have a fireplace (me until I moved to LA…and even that is nonfunctioning) or a staircase. Take those other surfaces in your house (dining table tops, bookshelves, coffee tables) and sprinkle them with that seasonal sparkle people.

3x3 Grid Tables Copy
clockwise from top left: @1111lightlane | @michelle_janeen | @bykristinalynne | @unapologetic_home | @bowhousedesign | @rebeccaandgenevieve

Note the asymmetrical garland from @1111lightlane‘s shelfie, the ridiculously sweet pom pom garland/tree/art/wall textile from @unapologetic_home, and the wisp of eucalyptus in the bar setup from @bowhousedesign.

Exterior & Front Door

 2500 Exterior Copy
via @mewack

This photo from @mewack elicits the most serious The Holiday vibes for me (no, this isn’t England or LA, but I can’t explain how my brain works quickly, so I won’t). What a dream. I love the idea of just doing garland and wreathes with ribbon in the windows instead of a big explosion of lights (and lights IN the hanging greenery would also be a nice touch).

2x1 Exterior Copy
left to right: @missesmacke_hometheology | @sarahsmithdesignwa

Bedrooms & Bathrooms

 2500 Bed Bath Copy
via @kdiondesign

Now, bedrooms and bathrooms are probably not the first place you run to decorate for Christmas, but when you’re a holiday enthusiast, you’re a holiday enthusiast and you can’t be stopped. Just a subtle wreath (like in the bathroom above from @kdiondesign) is all you need to get that spirit going in a non-traditional “holiday” room.

2x2 Bed Bath 1
clockwise from top left: @theharriethouse_joshuatree | @ernsthale | @prettydomesticated | @cassie_bustamante

Emily tries to put decorations or at least a fun tree in her kids’ rooms every year, and I am here for that. I was that kid who would steal leftover lights from the garage to Scotch tape around the edges of my bedroom’s ceiling line and beg and beg for my own tree (never happened). That sweet little ballerina in the shot from @prettydomesticated…I mean that was very much #kidgoals for me.

 2500 Bedroom 1
via @oho_house

And finally…a very cute little moment in a nursery from @oho_house. Get that baby in the spirit before they even know what’s happening (just make sure the garland is SECURELY attached to anything above a place where your bebe will be laying, duh.

OKAY. THANK YOU to everyone who tagged their home for this year’s #ShowEmYourHoliday post. Again, so much fun to see into your homes (and lives?), and now I can’t wait to go finish decorating because my brain is exploding with ideas.


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21 Gift Ideas For The Man In Your Life (From Brian Henderson Himself)

photo by sara ligorria-tramp | from: How We Decked Our Halls For Christmas

I’ve been asked to make a gift guide this year, which is funny because I blatantly use Emily’s gift guides anytime I need to buy her something. Like every time. So now the tables have turned! It may not sound very romantic to use a gift guide for ideas, that maybe I should surprise her with something. Well, let me take you back to New York when we were in our 20s and I got her what I thought was a really great sapphire necklace, but in reality was a basic, needlessly expensive thing that was totally not her style at all. She was super gracious and said she loved it, but later admitted that it wasn’t really the best purchase. Now repeat that story for like four birthdays, and anniversaries. It took me a long time to learn my lesson. It’s not like she didn’t love the gifts, she loved that I put so much effort and thought into them, and she let me down gently, but I learned that I should just ask her for ideas rather than spend money on something that isn’t going to work. I have no sense of women’s fashion! Or home decor! Why am I acting like she’ll love this new thing I found when she probably saw it like two years ago? It’s an unrealistic expectation.

I always wished there was a way for me to read her mind and see what she really wants, and then, voila. The gift guides were invented and my life got much, much easier. I wish every husband had them, it would save a lot of stress.

So, while this isn’t a direct wishlist for Emily to shop from, it’s a bunch of things that I think are cool and maybe you could ask the guy you’re shopping for if he thinks they’re cool, too. You can always surprise him with a sapphire necklace, and maybe he’s dying for a sapphire necklace, but it might be good to get a little guidance.

Emily Henderson Briangg Products Copy

1. Crosley Nomad Portable USB Turntable, $130: I know I’m super late to this party, but I really want to get back into records. I heard an interview with Neil Young that convinced me that all the compression that goes into digital music is killing the depth of the sound. So this record player is here to help. It looks cool and is small enough to move out of pictures when Emily needs to shoot the latest, new credenza.

2. Grateful Dead “Dick’s Pick Vol 8” 5-LP Box Set, $140: And what better record to kick things off than one by my favorite band of all time. Have you heard the joke “What did the Deadhead at the concert say when his drugs wore off? “This band sucks!” Funny. I was told that one too many times in my life, but I’m still a fan, even though all my drugs have worn off.

3. 18-Volt Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill/ Driver with Battery, Charger and Tool Bag, $99: I always wish that I were more like my friend Mike Kurtz. He’s super handy and super confident using all sorts of tools. He’s the guy we call to help build raised garden beds, or built-in bed frames. So when Mike Kurtz tells you that a brushless drill will save your life, you listen. I don’t even know what brushless means, but when I tried his drill, I felt like a god. So now I want one.

4. Cuisinart Glass Coffee Center, $365: We need this. Most nights I set a timer like an old dad, so we have a full carafe in the morning. But a lot of times I just want one cup in the afternoon, so this could do both!

5. Dublin Platinum Double Old Fashioned Glasses, Set of 4, $60: I think it’s time I had my own cocktail glasses. Don’t get me wrong, I love Emily’s taste in glasses, but when I have a Bushmills this Christmas, I don’t want to worry that the glass will break if I sneeze while holding it. I looked for a long time for a design I liked, and I’m sure there are better ones, but these ones seem unique enough without treading into “douche” territory.

6. BrewArt BrewFlow Beer Dispensing System with Kegging, $500: I’ve always wanted cold beer on tap at home. How cool would that be? To have a pint of draft beer whenever you want one? We were actually going to install one when we first renovated our house, but somehow it mysteriously got left out of the final plans. Hmmm… Well, now I can have a portable one! Yes, I’m a little worried that it would be too tempting to just constantly have a tap calling my name, but I can exercise restraint. Or maybe I could lock it in a gun safe or something.

7. JBL Clip 3 Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $40: Doughboys, The Oath, Dax Shepard, Off Book, The Daily… I listen to all these podcasts in the shower. It’s like having friends talk to you while you’re nude, it’s great. But as of now, I’m forced to tenuously balance my phone on the windowsill, crank up the volume, and pray that I don’t knock it off while scrubbing my armpits. But with this little clip on guy, I can flail around all I want and still have my friends in the shower with me!

8. Ceramic Car Coating: For the guy who has a vintage car, or just hates paying for car washes, I recommend ceramic coating. It allows you to just wipe off dirt and water spots, and it blocks UV so the paint will stop fading.

9. The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches, $19 and Nancy Silverton’s Sandwich Book, $13: There are few things I love more in this world than a good sandwich. I will travel a good 45 minutes out of my way to get a great Reuben or Italian sub. But it’s so hard to get the recipe right for something so simple. I mean it’s just meat, cheese and bread right?  I can make a pretty great sandy, but I could always use some help. Maybe someday, between the two of us, Emily and I, will open a Soup & Sandwich restaurant!

10. Katz’s Seasonal Subscription, $450: And of all the sandwiches that I’ve had, the corned beef Reuben at Katz in NYC is still my favorite. It’s literally the first place I go whenever I’m in town. But LOOK!! You can get a year-long subscription delivered to LA! I can make my own delicious sandwiches all year long! But seriously, Emily, LOOK!!

Emily Henderson Brian Gg Fashion 1

1. Levi’s Type III Sherpa Lined Denim Jacket, $129: Did you guys know that we got a vintage Chevy truck for my 40th bday? It’s like my third child, I love it so much, and my wife is amazing for indulging my mid-life crisis. But I need help living up to how badass it is, so this will make me look badderasser. I’ve been in love with sherpa jackets ever since Jordan Catalano wore one in “My So-Called Life.” I tried to copy his style back then, and I’ll keep doing it until I’m an old man. Catalano Fo Lyfe!

2. Vintage 1992 Grateful Dead Kind To Your Mind Tour T-Shirt, $139: Are you sensing a theme? Every guy loves a vintage T-shirt of their favorite band.

3. Skull & Rose Socks, $18: Socks. They’re so hot right now.

4. Reversible Bonding Jacket, $268: I feel like guys get hosed in the “in-between” department for jackets. They’re either lightweight or super heavy. A nice middleweight jacket is a secret weapon. I like this soft jacket. Or maybe I just like the guy wearing it. I mean, look at him! Yowza!

5. Bellroy Hide and Seek Wallet, $90: I’ve been accused of having a “Costanza” wallet that makes me lean to one side when I’m sitting because it’s so big. This would help. Although, I bet you that within a few months, I’ll have collected enough random cards to shove in this thing that it’ll become a Costanza, too.

6. Signature Zip Lined Hoodie in Bering Sea Heather, $120: I always need a good new hoodie. This one is a good mix of young dad, with a little skater/surfer in there. As long as it’s as soft as it looks, I am sold. That’s the hard thing about shopping online, you can’t feel the fabric. But this one looks super cozy.

7. Hanes Men’s 4 Pack Slim V-Neck T-Shirt, $21: Every guy looks good in a classic white V-neck. Trust me. I used to hate my hairy chest, I was self-conscious about it, so I was a “tight-neck-T-shirt” guy. But around 30, I said screw it and let that chest hair fly! And I think it made me feel more confident and comfortable. That’s a lot of psychology for a shirt. Sorry.

8. Nike Challenger Running Short, $40: Now these are for the post-New Year guilt workouts. And they’re controversial ’cause they’re kinda short, but I have to say, can we put an end to guys running in workout shorts that are so big and long that they almost trip on them? Hey dudes, you got nice thighs, let’s see them a ‘lil bit. Don’t be afraid. A 7-inch workout short is the perfect size, not super baggy, but not short enough to risk a popper-outer.

9. Men’s Jeffery Fashion Boot, $45: Every guy needs a good pair of boots for the winter, even if he’s “not a boot guy” you should just force him to try it, because it instantly makes you feel tougher and cooler. I’m actually wearing these boots as I’m typing this, and I feel pretty tough and cool, they’re legit. And I can’t tell you how many compliments I get on them. And no, I’m not promoting Target because Emily works for them, I’m doing it because it’s crazy that they’ve made boots that look like $300 for only $45. Trust me. Get these, they’re dope.

10. Mustache Wax, $10 and The Hand Made Pocket Comb for Beard and Mustache, $8: Did your husband grow a big gross mustache for Movember? I have a huge, disgusting mustache right now, and it’s kind of becoming a thing. But I can’t trim it because of a play that I’m acting in. So I use this wax to keep it in check. And a little comb. Otherwise, I literally chew on it at meals.

11. Orbit Glasses, 40: This one’s more for Emily than me. The amount of time she’s spent watching me look for my glasses in our house is astounding. And the amount of new curse words I’ve made up while looking for said glasses is also flarking astounding. There’s nothing more frustrating. So until I get Lasik, I think we should try this out. Oh, I’ll just be going to put that right on my gift guide—I think it would be awesome to be given Lasik for a Christmas present. But also terrifying. Please don’t write any horror stories in the comments, I’m already terrified.

And there you have it. Hopefully, this gave you some ideas on what to get the men in your life and if not, go for the sapphire necklace, I guess.


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What Boomer Moms/Grandmas REALLY Want (As Told to Me Via Text After a Wine Fueled Focus Group Led by My MIL)

Emily Henderson Waverly 2018 Holiday 20

We’ve done a lot of gift guides so far this year, but they were the more general “her” “him” “under $50” kind with gifts that yes, are picked by us right here, but for some of them, I wanted to know what specific people REALLY wanted, like…our moms and grandmas. So I asked my mother-in-law to ask her friends about what boomer mom/grandmas want for Christmas so we could write that gift guide (and out of genuine curiosity). At first, she didn’t seem that into it, until I got this bombardment of texts after a wine-fueled dinner party where she and her friends got INTO IT. What she proceeded to text me was riveting. Shocking. It wasn’t just what they want, but more what they want us to STOP giving them. And as the investigative journalist that I am, I feel compelled to give you this insider information.

Now, of course, she isn’t speaking for all moms and grandmas ages 55-80 so I know there will be some constructive discourse here, but if you want some insight into what 10 booming boomer women want AND DON’T WANT, keep reading.

Here’s her text:

“Just got to this. This is from polling my friends. Probably boring. Honestly, most of my friends would like theatre and music concert tix, airline passes, spa treatments, large magnified lighted makeup mirrors, hand made things from grandkids, art gallery memberships, gym or Pilates passes, golf lessons, painting lessons, kayak lessons, fly fishing lessons, restaurant credits for ladies who lunch. Best selling books and movies. Gift certificates for garden centers. Cozy winter throws.”

My internal reaction: I was so excited. Fly fishing lessons? Yes. That’s what they want…

But on further analysis, here’s what donned on me: they don’t want to spend their retirement on a temporary experience, especially not knowing if it’s going to be that good, but they still want to have fun and try it out. Plus, being retired, time is what they do have so they want to spend it in interesting, fun and purposeful ways. They don’t want things, they want more experiences and they don’t want to use their retirement money on that. Got it. Ironically, I don’t want those things. Sure, tickets to a band that I love or a play I really want to go to that is GUARANTEED to be good, but if someone gave me a gift certificate to a cooking class or even a spa treatment, I worry that I’ll first lose that piece of paper and second, feel guilty about not having the time to do it. It would actually become a source of guilt.

Learning a lot, right?? Let’s keep going.

“Even photo books take up too much room. How about the new device where you can watch photos on TV screen? Saw an ad, but can’t remember who. Main point—no little tabletop junk.” — Suz Henderson

Me: “So what do you NOT want?”

MIL (Suz):Please, no more scented candles, picture frames (just send photos we can put on Facebook, we have thousands of frames). Which brings me to the thousands of photos—printed and digital. As we all eventually downsize, what to do? Even photo books take up too much room. How about the new device where you can watch photos on TV screen? Saw an ad, but can’t remember who. Main point—no little tabletop junk.”

My analysis: Alright. No more tchotchkes. That absolutely makes sense that after decades of collecting you have too much PLUS you are likely going to downsize so it just feels like a burden. BUT NO MORE  PHOTO BOOKS???? The last one I gave them is on their coffee table for a reason! I’m going to call BS on this one, but I’m also not going to make another one. I LOVE photo books! WE look at ours all the time. I don’t want to have to look at a device with the kids to relive memories. I don’t believe her.

Ironically, I’m just getting into framed family photos and love how much it warms up our home, but it totally makes sense that in 30 years from now, I might have enough and the amount of frames might feel like a burden. You don’t want to give them away because it was a sentimental gift but you might not want 15-year-old photos that aren’t really that good taking up real estate. So yes, Suz, there are a bunch of digital frames out there (and video calling devices like Facebook Portal and Google Nest Hub). You got it.

Me: “Do you guys like clothes? Scarves? Slippers? Robes? Luxury cashmere socks? Or not really? This is fascinating.”

Suz: “Honestly, maybe pretty silk or cashmere scarves, depending on climate. Robes and slippers—boring…unless granny is really old. But she’ll stick with her old, comfy stuff. We still love makeup, eye creams, and moisturizers and really good body creams as we are dry and wrinkly. I don’t take baths, but many of my friends do so the bathtub accessories and moisturizing soaks would be good.

For those of us that workout, cute workout clothes with no short or sleeveless tops.

Many of us are in book groups, so a Kindle or real best-selling books would be great…not sure if you can gift those Kindle books. But at $10 per book, gets pricey.

Is this helpful?

I’m on a roll!!”

Me: “Um. YESSSSS. I’m riveted. What else?”

Suz: “Find out mom’s interests: walking (step tracker), golf? Lots of golf websites for shoes, clothes, hats, golf clubs. Golf bags that can be personalized.

For friends that hike: backpacks, walking sticks, maps of local hiking sites. Fly fishing classes. Family trips to dude ranches (I’d love that.)

“I think Suz Henderson secretly wants some fly fishing classes, she’s mentioned it twice as if it’s just a thing that most people do.” — Me (Emily Henderson)

Books/websites about what grandparents can do to entertain grandkids daily or for longer periods-age appropriate. (Local outings, nature walks, arts & crafts, cooking, gardening, games, puzzles, etc.)?

My (internal) analysis: I think Suz Henderson secretly wants some fly fishing classes, she’s mentioned it twice as if it’s just a thing that most people do. But maybe at 70, you don’t want cooking classes, you’ve done that for decades. You want to do something mellow and relaxing in nature. And classes would force that. I can’t wait for your weeklong retreat in Montana next summer, Suz!

My actual response: “Okay, this post is going to be SOOO GOOD. Now if you were to receive homemade gifts from kids, do you have any sort of preference? Drawings versus ornaments? Like what do grandparents really want from their grandkids?”

Suz: “I think a written list: what I like to do with grandma or grandpa. Things I love about G; my favorite memory/time with G; G is funny when he/she does this; my wish for G is…; an animal that reminds me of G (with drawing). Christmas ornament with photo with G; a handprint with age & date; handmade necklace/bracelet; a compilation of videos with grandparents that can be watched on tv screen.”

And then it ended. One of us likely went to bed, but I just felt like it was such good insight into a generation that while I have so much in common with, are in such a different time in their life and have different needs. For instance, if someone bought me fly fishing lessons, I would open it and see guilt and shame, knowing that if I likely would never use it or if I did, it would be at the sacrifice of my kids or team.

Meanwhile she asked me what I want from her for Christmas, and I sent her links to two things on my gift guide that I will buy for myself if no one else does: the meatball maker which she replied via text “ugh, boring,” and this village cake for a new Christmas Eve or day tradition with the kids (no response).

Then I text, “All I really, really want from you guys is childcare so Brian and I can go away for a few weekends this year, maybe even New York for 4-5 days to see shows and relive our twenties. Or hell, out of the country; it’s been 8 YEARS since just he and I traveled together.”

I’ll buy myself that meatball maker if they give us some grandparent and (therefore guilt-free) childcare time. I may not have said all of that in one text, but that’s the request.

She agreed with two big thumbs up emojis.

I guess what it boils down to is that in my stage of life (running a company, small kids, no time for myself, girlfriends or husband) what I really want is MORE time and less guilt. And in HER stage of retired life, she has an abundance of time (and a ton of energy) so she wants to book it up doing interesting, cultural, physical and fun things but doesn’t want to feel like she is draining her retirement to pay for the Justin Timberlake concert or, say, fly fishing lessons. 🙂

Boy is it productive (and fun) being honest about what you want (got it, Suz, NO MORE SCENTED CANDLES). 🙂

Oh, and per Suz’s request, her true gift for Christmas in lieu of fly fishing lessons is having this photo (sorry for the quality) with my kids be published on the blog. 🙂 JUST JOKING YOU’LL STILL GET YOUR FLY FISHING LESSONS.

Screen Shot 2019 12 03 At 10.42.38 Pm


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Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List (With Stuff Under $20, and even $7!)

Holiday Gift Guides For Everyone On Your List (With Stuff Under $20, and even $7!)

As is the tradition, I’m always the last blogger in blogland to get a gift guide up (did I mention we just got our tree up two days ago?!), but I love searching for fun gift ideas all over the interwebs (including tons of small businesses & handmade items) and smashing them all into one big post for you guys! And this is that post, so let’s get down to business. There’s stuff for grown ups, finds for kids, and a ton of budget friendly ideas that are under $25, and even $15! Hope you find something you love for someone you love… even if that someone is you (I’m totally asking Santa for a few things on this list 😉


Here’s what we’re loving, either firsthand stuff we’ve bought ourselves and have really enjoyed – or things we’re getting for friends & family (or hoping to find under the tree). 

  • 1.

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2019 UPDATE: EHD-Approved Artificial Trees, Garland and All the Trimmings

Emily Henderson Christmas 2017 Neutral Winter Wonderland 15

best artificial christmas tree
Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Our Living Room Holiday Reveal

Last year, there was a BIG ask for our favorites shoppable Christmas decor items. SO this EHD styling elf scoured the internet to do just that…and we’re back with an update to that post. We are talking faux trees, garland, stockings, etc. I mean, recommending beautiful decor is kinda one of our favorite things to do, so granting a wish you asked for is a straight-up no brainer. I know we have already chatted about new styling ideas and going over our favorite vignettes from years past but now let’s get into the “add to cart” portion of the designing lesson, shall we?

First up, the most important piece to the holiday puzzle…the tree (and some very pretty ornaments).

best artificial christmas tree

1. 5.5ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Virginia Pine | 2. Fabric Deer Christmas Ornament | 3. Pre-Lit LED Snowy Faux Noble Fir | 4. Gold Frasier Tinsel Tree | 5. 7.5 ft. Colorado Green Fir Artificial Christmas Tree with 500 Warm White LED Lights | 6. Christmas Hand Painted Glass Ornaments | 7. Ski Shop Rental Christmas Ornament | 8. Pre-Lit LED Faux Noble Fir | 9. Wooden Ornaments (set of 3) | 10. Opaque Ornaments (set of 6) | 11. Gingerbread Cloche Ornament | 12. 4ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree New Growth Balsam Fir | 13. Pre-Lit Artificial Tree | 14. 2-pack Christmas Ornaments | 15. Faye Festive Leaf Hooks, (set of 6) | 16. Handcrafted Woodland Ornament Gift Box (set of 5) | 17. 7.5ft Pre-lit Full Balsam Fir Clear Auto Connect Artificial Christmas Tree | 18. 42ct Glass Round Christmas Ornament Set | 19. Paper Accordion Tassel Ornament | 20. Paper Tree Ornament | 21. 7ft Unlit Artificial Christmas Tree Alberta Spruce

I’ve always been on Team “Real Tree” but there are some very convincing faux options on the market. AND the amazing thing about a faux tree is that a ton of them come pre-lit. SIGN ME UP. It takes out all of the light spacing, cord tangling stress and leaves only the fun ornament hanging. Speaking of ornaments, I’m pretty sure I those brass leaf hooks (#16) immediately. It’s simple but SO pretty. I also personally purchased #9 and I love them. They feel organic but festive.

A tree really isn’t complete without a skirt or a tree topper right? A tree without a tree skirt (or collar) is like wearing an awesome fancy dress with flipflops. It’s just never okay. So to avoid this potential tragedy, here are our favorite stands, skirts and toppers.

best artificial christmas tree

1. Dasher Tree Topper | 2. Plaid Tree Skirt | 3. White Christmas Tree Stand | 4. Karina Woven Tree Collar | 5. Felted Dove Tree Topper | 6. Flake Velvet Burnt Gold Tree Skirt | 7. Unlit Metal Glitter Star Christmas Tree Topper | 8. First Frost Tree Skirt | 9. Buffalo Plaid Christmas Tree Skirt | 10. Faux Fur Christmas Tree Skirt | 11. Woven Tree Collar | 12. Reversible Stars and Plaid Tree Skirt | 13. Galvanized Metal Tree Collar | 14. Gold Star Tree Topper | 15. Moroccan Style Wedding Blanket Tree Skirt | 16. Tree Stand with Foot Pedal and Single Cable Operation | 17. Cable Knit Christmas Tree Skirt | 18. Square Rattan Basket | 19. Red and White Tree Collar | 20. Glitter Silver 3D Star Tree Topper | 21. Bash Gold Tree Collar

While I finally have a beautiful tree skirt (massive upgrade from last year’s “blanket”) I realllly love #4 . How STUNNING is it? But I also love #3, #6 and #10.

Next up, we have all the faux garlands and wreaths of your dreams.

best artificial christmas tree

1. 26″ Prelit LED Faux Candle Mixed Greenery | 2. 5ft Petite Flocked Wispy Artificial Garland | 3. Faux Cryptomeria Garland | 4. 72″ x 6″ Artificial Cedar Garland with Pine Cones and Glitter | 5. Cypress Wreath | 6. 24″ Artificial Cedar Christmas Wreath | 7. Faux Cedar Wreath | 8. Christmas Pom Pom Wreath | 9. 72″ Faux White Pine Garland with Berry | 10. 12″ Artificial Magnolia Leaves Wreath Green | 11. Faux Pre-Lit Nordmann Fir Wreath | 12. 72″ Faux Juniper Berry Garland with Pinecones | 13. 6ft Mixed Greenery Artificial Garland | 14. Pine Pink Wreath | 15. 72″ Pre-Lit LED Artificial Garland | 16. Preserved Fern Circlet Trio | 17. 72″ x 6″ Artificial Magnolia Leaves Garland | 18. 24″ Prelit Warm White LED Battery Operated Chunky Flocked Mixed Artificial Pine Christmas Wreath | 19. Faux Pre-Lit Bauble LED Evergreen Wreath | 20. Stargazer Illuminated LED Wreath | 21. Green Leaves And White Berries Wreath

Aside from a tree (of course), garlands and wreaths have the next biggest visual impact when it comes to holiday decor. I really love the delicateness of #7. It feels modern but approachable. Then Emily used #18 in her first round of decor for the mountain house and it looks awesome AND is pre-lit. Easy and awesome.

Now for my favorite topic: stockings. 🙂

best artificial christmas tree

1. Clarence Monogram Stocking | 2. Nail Head Stocking Holder | 3. Green Twill With Faux Fur Christmas Stocking | 4. Brocade Velvet Stocking | 5. Stripe Knit Christmas Stocking Red and White | 6. Faux Fur Christmas Stocking | 7. Holiday Stocking Black Textured with Poms | 8. 4pk Metal Deer Christmas Stocking Holder | 9. Christmas Velvet Stocking | 10. Marjorie Embroidered Stocking | 11. Knit Monogram Christmas Stocking | 12. Holiday Stocking Sour Cream Knit with Red Poms | 13. Frances Loom Haley Vintage One-of-a-Kind Stocking | 14. Tassel Christmas Stocking | 15. Four Hook Metal Stocking Holder with Artificial Pine Greenery | 16. Pompom Knit Christmas Stocking | 17. Brass + Marble Nutcracker Stocking Holder | 18. Navy Cable Knit Christmas Stocking | 19. Chalet Zinc Stocking Holder | 20. Holiday Stocking Sour Cream with Red Star Embroidery | 21. Felt Stocking

There are a ton of beautiful stockings and holders out there but I’m a BIG fan of #4, #9 and #12 for a more classic look and #5 and #18 for a more fun twist. Just make sure there’s enough room for ample amount of stocking stuffers:)

best artificial christmas tree

1. Large Truck with Bottle Brush | 2. Winter Wonderland Paper Trees (set of 3) | 3. 16.5″ x 4.7″ Bottle Brush Christmas Tree | 4. Flash Milk Glass Burnt Sienna Tree | 5. Large Gnome | 6. Wooden Tree Advent Calendar | 7. Sleigh Ride Bells | 8. Small Glitter Tree Christmas | 9. Light-Up Ribbed Glass Christmas Tree | 10. White Ceramic Ranch House | 11. Small Wooden Tabletop Christmas Tree | 12. Galvanized Green House with Tree Decorative Figurine | 13. Marble Wood Nutcracker | 14. 72″ Merry Christmas Garland Banner | 15. Small Gold Glitter Christmas Tree Figurine | 16. 3pc Mini Deer Decorative Figurines | 17. Hanging Twig Christmas Tree Decorative Figurine | 18. White Glass Snowman | 19. Sledding Gnome with Gold Hat Decorative Figure | 20. 8pk Bottle Brush Christmas Tree Set | 21. Winterland Brass Tree

Clearly, this holiday roundup wouldn’t be complete without some fun styling pieces. Sprinkle in some little trees, snowmen figurines or a cute village to a couple of your open surfaces. It will give your overall holiday look some dimension and visual interest. HOT TIP: Just like in non-holiday styling, use different sizes, shapes and keep the color palette consistent. Some of my favorites are #2, #3, #10 and #16.

Hope you are now completely filled with the holiday decorating spirit. It’s still the first week of December so there is plenty of time to enjoy all of your hard work:) So what are your favorites? Do any of you have these items and recommend them or don’t? Let us know in the comments.

Here are some other helpful holiday decor posts that will make styling these pieces easy to incorporate into your home:


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8 Room Makeovers & Home Tours You’re Going to Want to Pin Like Crazy (We Did)

Jhd Dd87e72030038600abf195d6abb6f037

Jhd Dd87e72030038600abf195d6abb6f037
design by jessica helgerson design | photo by aaron leitz | via remodelista

We’ve reached that point in the year where it feels like if every post isn’t about the upcoming holidays, we’re failing to be “timely” and “seasonal” and “helpful.” And while I promise we have SO MUCH great festive content on deck, today, we’re taking a little bit of a break from all things merry and bright to oohh and ahh over some good ol’ fashion design…in the form of room makeovers and house tours that have crossed our eyeballs lately that we’re very, very into right now.

Come back later today for all things trees and trimming, but for now, scroll through for a sweet (calorie-free!) visual treat:

Jhd Nw Johnson Street Jessica Helgerson Interiors House Portland Oregon Usa Dezeen 2364 Col 4
design by jessica helgerson design | photo by aaron leitz | via remodelista

Pacific Northwest design darling Jessica Helgerson is good guys. I’ve seen the sitting room (to the left with the green velvet built-in sofa) numerous times on Instagram, but I never saw the house it was in, and oh man, what a mistake that was. There have been many versions of a “dream house” my brain has cooked up over the years, but today, right now, this takes top billing. Besides, any home with a sunroom that gets that kind of light is worth a double-take, in my book.

Jhd Casa Renovada 1907 Salon Sofa Curvo Rosa Chimenea 1561701489
design by jessica helgerson design | photo by aaron leitz | via remodelista

I don’t know what to discuss first here: that chandelier, that curved sofa or those armchairs? Why pick…they’re all glorious and statement-making enough to keep the eye interested and moving around the room without being TOO showy and stealing attention from the others. Bravo.

Jhd Dea876dc1075afe1e7411fc13257611d
design by jessica helgerson design | photo by aaron leitz | via remodelista

This bed is otherworldly. It’s like a bed alcove without having to cut through the wall, and the combination of dark, luscious velvet combined with that stunning wood detailing is enough to make my knees buckle and collapse…right onto that mattress. Anyway, be sure to go see all the photos over on Remodelista.

Next up is a far, far more attainable project by Sarah from Room for Tuesday, who updated her family’s laundry room as part of this fall’s One Room Challenge (Julie dished on another ORC room crush she had in this post from the other week). When I first saw the “afters” (head here to see the super relatable “befores”), I thought “man, marble slab and marble mosaic on floor and walls…pricey! Until I read through her post and quickly realized she took a far more budget approach to the redesign.

Rftlaundry Room Makeover On A Budget
design and images via room for tuesday

What looks like marble slab on that left wall is actually marble contact paper. The floors? Peel-and-stick tile and some more marble contact paper cut to size. Oh and the marble mosaic is also peel-and-stick. GUYS! Maybe in person it would be more noticeable, but it FOOLED me on camera. Also, to keep it even more budget, she opted to keep her existing cabinets and counters…she just painted them both and swapped out some hardware.

Rftlaundry Room Makeover
design and images via room for tuesday

If you read her post, you’ll learn that her original budget was a brave and daring $300, but ended up spending just over $500 because she underestimated how much of the “mosaic tiles” she needed. I also wanted to draw attention to the newly added shelf and bar for hangers that feels like it always should have been there (it wasn’t).

One more One Room Challenge for good measure because I’m always SO impressed by what the participants get done in such a short period of time (mind you, I still have dining chairs stashed in my bedroom that I’ve been “reupholstering” since 2015, so…)

Ispydiy Oneroomchallenge19

This one comes from Jenni of I Spy DIY and it’s just so dang charming with that whispy garden-y wallpaper (a custom design she had her friend at Chasing Paper print for the project), that inky blue paneling (Behr’s Chimney) and that very dreamy window (which wasn’t there…ALL of this is new…the befores are downright SHOCKING).

Ispydiy Oneroomchallenge5

I also wanted to show you this bathroom because she used a black toilet and I was dying to hear what you all thought about it. Non-white toilets are totally controversial in the design world, I know, but I gotta tell you, I don’t hate this in here. In fact, I love it, because it “blends” in more to the dark walls and lets the free-standing tub be the stair it deserves to be. There is the very real but very gross factor of never really being able to “see” what, ahem, ends up in there (good grief, I’m sorry I just said that) but my mother-in-law has a black toilet in a powder room and the first time I came across it, I was like “hmm…interesting.” ANYWAY…let’s continue.

Now, it’s time to flip flop back to pure aspiration because we love to torture ourselves.

Advalle Greatjonesalley Skj 02
design by studio giancarlo valle | via architectural digest

I first spotted the below oxblood-walled library sometime…last week? I then proceeded to send the above dining room shot to Jess because I know the girl appreciates things like random curved wood walls for seamingly no reason, chucky-legged everything and stone pedestal tables, and she screamed through our Slack DM RYANN HAS TO USE THIS IN THE LINK UP SHE MUST. Ha, too bad Ryann, I found it first.

Advalle Greatjonesalley Skj 18

There are SO many stunning photos from this home on the web-exclusive Architectural Digest feature but these three, in particular, have given me that cardio pitter-patter in my chest. I don’t understand what that fabric on the bench above is, but man do I love it and want it. The satin-y red walls, whoa. I always think I’m not bold enough to do a red-wall situation, but THIS, this convinces me that maybe in the right room, with the right furniture, it can be done.

Advalle Greatjonesalley Skj 14

The bedroom show has chartreuse wall-to-wall carpeting, and—I can’t believe I’m saying this—I’m CONVINCED. Plus, tassel pulls? Alright, I’m done now. Let’s move on so I can resuscitate myself.

I was SHOOK when I saw Erin from Apartment 34 post a carousel side-by-side on Instagram of the before and after of her San Francisco Victorian. Honestly, I straight up could hardly believe the transformation. Here’s the after (but go to her Instagram to see what I mean):

Dm1219 Erinhiemstra Diningroom V4 4975 R
design by erin hiemstra | photo by seth smoot | via domino

Featured in Domino’s Winter 2019 issue, I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy to see MORE of this house. Her styling and material choices are just so, so good a bit cool-girl Parisian meets California casual in a way that doesn’t feel like a hodge podge of styles.

Apartment34 Side By Side

Erin, you’ve done good…THAT CHAIR…THAT WAVY PENDANT. What an eye on that one, hm?

Another designer with a serious eye is Sarah Sherman Samuel. I’ve been following her home renovation since she moved to Michigan last year and the transformation is finally here:

Sss Side By Side Bed Bath
design by sarah sherman samuel | photos by matthew williams | via domino

I WILL be picking up the Winter issue of Domino to also see this, the cover story, because there are far more images than what I’m getting online and I’m ravenous to see them. It’s fun to see how she uses her own products in her home, but also sourced from places like Wayfair and Target (the light fixture in the bathroom above was from Leann Ford’s collection earlier this year and the tub, stool, fixture, and cage pendant are from Wayfair).

Sss Side By Side
design by sarah sherman samuel | photos by matthew williams | via domino

The brass kickplate behind the island brings a serious glam factor to the more rustic ceiling, and I always love seeing a “stove nook.”

Now for something a little different in style, this home from Clever.

Clever Vdk8110
design by fabrikate | photo by jonathan van der knaap | via clever

The design on this one doesn’t scream EHD but once my eyes landed on that window cut out by the bench (and kitty), I was sold. I love how the custom bench curves right into the same surface (just clad differently) as the media console. And the little fireplace and flume…darling. I really appreciate when the design of homes have little moments like that that you don’t really see in other houses.

Clever Bathroom Side By Side
design by fabrikate | photo by jonathan van der knaap | via clever

And also, this bathroom is so, so great. I love the glossy subway tile juxtaposed with the matte cement tile (plus the organic, scattered pattern of the tile is ::chef’s kiss::).


I say Julia of Chris Loves Julia share this super budget bedroom makeover recently, and I thought you guys would like it!

design and photo by julia marcum of chris loves julia

The “before” of this room is your basic tract home bedroom, but they added so much interest and character just by DIYing some molding and using a large area rug to cover up most of the beige wall-to-wall carpeting.

design and photo by julia marcum of chris loves julia

I love seeing a room that is very, very much attainable and doable for meer mortals like me, so thank you Julia for the inspiration!

And that’s it! Eight house tours and room renovations on our radar right now. I’m curious though…what do you prefer to see from us? More of the real-life home room makeovers or the purely aspirational stuff? I’m guessing it’ll be a split in opinions between the two, but maybe not? Let me know!

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