Wooden Flooring for Your Kitchen

Wooden Flooring for Your Kitchen

Nothing quite matches the elegancy and strength of oak floorboards– but what about in your kitchen? If you’re considering remodelling your kitchen, why not consider some stunning engineered wood flooring? Sure, the kitchen is one of the most trafficked spaces in your home, and the chances of spills and scratches are heightened, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have gorgeous wooden floors in your kitchen.

Who doesn’t love some smooth classic and stylish oak floorboards to add a hint of natural aesthetic to their home? In addition, there’s no better under-foot feel that quite compares to wood flooring. Why should your kitchen be left out? Wooden floors are non-demanding and create warmth throughout your home.

The concern many potential buyers have is the durability of wooden floors in the kitchen. Yes, there is a larger likelihood of spills, added moisture, scratches and other everyday hazards that might affect your floors’ finish. However, there is also a wide range of benefits to having wooden floors in your kitchen.

Deciding If Wooden Floors are Ideal for Your Kitchen

Wooden flooring works with a range of designs and home aesthetic. Plus, it’s timeless and often a go-to option for home renovations. So, how do you decide if you want them in your kitchen?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons:


Increased Home Value.
Wooden flooring is an investment that improves the long-term value of your home. According to SimpleShowing.com, wooden floors drive up your property value by as much as 3-5%.

Soft, Warm Floors.
Not much can beat the feel of wooden floors under your bare feet, which is excellent for kitchens especially if you enjoy having the family around as you meals are prepared.

Aesthetic Value.
There are so many types of oak floorboards, assorted grains and colours to choose from that you’re almost guaranteed to find a variety to suit your style. It’ll also make your kitchen feel much more inviting.

Refinishing is Possible.
On the off-chance that your floors experience a lot of damage, you can always refinish your floors at a fraction of the cost of having to replace it all.

Initial Outlay.
Wooden floors will require a more considerable investment that cheaper options like Vinyl or Tile. However, history has shown an overall return on investment.

Susceptible to Water Damage.
Wooden floors are known to begin cupping or warping when exposed to excessive moisture. However, if you’re making sure you stay on top of any leaks or spills, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Especially in a kitchen, your floors will be susceptible to general wear and tear. This means you will likely need to look at more maintenance than you wood versus the floors in your bedroom. You’ll want to ensure your floors are perfectly finished and well-oiled as much as possible.

Even so, wooden floors remain an excellent option for kitchens.

Why You Should Choose Engineered Wood Flooring

If you are going to invest in wooden floors in your kitchen, engineered wooden flooring is the way to go. Through the layering of a supporting layer, soft-wood core and hardwood top layer, your floors will be far more resistant to fluctuations moisture and humidity. Plus, it’ll be far more durable against general wear and tear.

You can still find a classically styled hardwood, with the added benefit of added durability.

Ready for your remodel? Contact the Superior Custom Floor Design experts today. At SCFD, we offer the finest, finished engineered hardwood that will guarantee longevity as well as a classic look and feel. Our team of experts can help you make the right choice when it comes to hardwood flooring in your kitchen.

Superior Custom Floor Designs (SCFD), a Lake Geneva area business established in 2003 is a premier hard surface installation company. SCFD can provide and install spectacular custom work other installers cannot. Take a moment and add us on Facebook and Instagram to follow our work.

Navigating a Bathroom Renovation

Navigating a Bathroom Renovation

What’s more important than maximizing the space and beauty of your bathroom while ensuring it’s safe, easily cleaned, and quite literally a functional sanctuary away from your everyday stresses?

While we’re sure there are things more important, this one tops the list for many homeowners.

Adding Value to Your Home

Nearly completed bathroom renovation
Nearly completed bathroom renovation

In April 2020, HGTV published an article that ranked bathroom remodels as the #1 of the 15 ranked home remodels that provide the most return on investment “ROI”. The author indicates an average of a 102% ROI on the resale.

While some of you reading this article may have already come prepared with the knowledge that bathrooms and kitchen usually have the highest ROI, the real question is how you as an everyday homeowner with limited knowledge in demolition, construction, and of course the costs, limitations, and quality of all the different materials can maximize your budget to achieve a similar ROI for yourself.

NOTE: ROI values and remodeling costs are subject to change.

Navigating from Experience

Derek Gerstung| Owner of Superior Custom Floor Designs
Derek Gerstung| Owner of Superior Custom Floor Designs

Derek Gerstung, owner and founder of Superior Custom Floor Designs has been navigating custom solid surfaces since 2003, in the Greater Lakes areas of Wisconsin and Illinois.

Fortunately, Derek’s success as a business owner, his skilled crew, and his high standards for quality have allowed him the opportunity to move into the sales and operations of his business. This provides Derek an enhanced ability to plan, organize and supervise the projects at hand.

Owner of Superior Custom Floor Designs 

The financial investment is always on top of my customers minds when it comes to their renovation. I can’t say I’ve seen it all, but I will say that over my 17 years I have seen a lot. I don’t own a “fly by night” company. The name Superior Custom Floor Designs is here to stay, so it’s important for me to ensure I treat my customers the way I’d expect a similar company to treat me or my family.

With that said, I really feel there’s a lot of companies like mine that share these ethics and dedication towards their customers, but they often fall short when it comes to the communication and expectations established when negotiating the totality of the projects costs. This is where you just have to be real with people. I want to be able to give my customers a fair and competitive price while maintaining profit margins that keep my employees happy and that ensures the forward growth of Superior Custom Floor Designs.

Preparing the subfloor
Preparing the subfloor

It can be quite difficult at times and it really shouldn’t be. A lot of companies cut their costs on variables I’m just not willing to sacrifice to compete with them.

         #1 Quality

The word quality doesn’t only imply the materials were installing. It’s also the quality and craftsmanship of my tile setters. It’s in my business name and I don’t take it lightly.

The word “custom” has certain characteristics that I require from my tile setters. Your shower wall or floor is their canvas to create something both beautiful and durable for you to love and live with.

Co-Owner and Master Tile Setter lays intricate tile pattern
Adam Messamore| Co-Owner and Master Tile Setter lays intricate tile pattern

         #2 Materials

This is usually where some companies can shave some of the costs down and if it fits your needs, I’m no one to judge. The caveat is, these materials are often of a lower grade and subsequently won’t last nearly as long as they really should.

One example of this that I explain to all my customers is grout. There’s a significant difference in the grout that we use as our “standard” than what other companies standard grout.

The reality is, I don’t want to return to your home about issues with your tile or grout and that’s why it’s important to get it right the first time. This means using the correct professional-grade grout to help those odds.

Given that advantage, it costs more than double of big box store grout and it’s a bit more labor-intensive to prepare and use.

I won’t change it though. It’s worth the additional costs because it’s the most durable and dependable product to protect their investment.

Like I mentioned in the beginning, it’s the ability to communicate this knowledge and experiences to give the customer the necessary information to make a well-informed decision on their investment”.

From start to finish, a renovation can be quite an adventure. Having an experienced and trustworthy guide can be quite helpful if you become lost or misled.

Navigating a bathroom renovation

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