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Befores, Afters, and Sources For Our Current House… So Far, At Least

We had other plans for this week’s post, but then Hurricane Sally made her way ever-so-slowly through the gulf and gave us a few solid days of rain, rain, and more rain. Thankfully it was nothing more than that (no power lost, and no flooding for us), which has us feeling incredibly grateful – and […]

How Our Fireplace Makeover Plan Got Squashed (And How We Pivoted)

If you’ve followed along for a while you’ve seen our bedroom fireplace get a few updates over on Instagram Stories, but today we’re telling the whole sordid tale of how our update ideas recently veered off-course (and how we ended up at Plan B when Plan A went bust). Last time you saw it on […]

How We Store Everything In Our Much Smaller Kitchen

Last week we shared how we painted our cabinets, and today we’re taking you through the whole shebang of how they’re organized. This kitchen has around one 25% of the cabinetry/storage of our last one – and even we were a little nervous about how we’d adapt to significantly less countertop & cabinetry – but […]

Our Freshly Painted Mauve Kitchen Cabinets (And A Trick For Using Hidden Hinges)

I never thought I would use the word “mauve” and “fresh” in the same sentence, but here we are. As you saw in our last kitchen post, we decided to embrace the existing counters and go for a tone-on-tone look for Phase One – just because why the heck not?! When else do you get […]

A Before & After Look At Our (Only!) Bathroom

By now we’ve shown you every room in our new house, with the exception of this one: our bathroom! And as you’ve probably heard us say, it’s our home’s only bathroom (which has really not been a big deal so far at all – for which we’re extremely grateful). The funny thing is that although […]

#181: How The Other House We Considered Came Back Around

There were two houses in our neighborhood that we seriously considered, and today we’re sharing a truly random occurrence that involves the house we didn’t buy. We’re also sharing what we learned from our astrocartography readings. What did the stars say about our move to Florida? Were our readings dead-on or completely off? And what […]

Five Quick & Easy Updates To Our Kitchen

When we moved in one of the subcontractors said they’d been wondering why we didn’t tear out the old cabinets and mismatched appliances and pink laminate counters and redo the kitchen before we moved in. But if you’ve followed us for a while, you know the answer. We like to live with a kitchen for […]

How To Paint A Colorful Abstract Wall Mural

Last week we showed you how most of our daughter’s room has come together so far, and today we’ve got all the details about one wall that you didn’t see. similar dresser | dresser pulls | similar lamp | mirror | similar hamper | fan | gold frames We’re giving it its own post because […]

How To Make A DIY Channel Tufted Headboard (& How Our Daughter’s Room Is Coming Along)

After using our favorite method to make a simple headboard for our son’s room last week, we actually had enough leftover materials to try out a new trick in our daughter’s room – which yielded a completely free headboard for her. Three cheers for $0 projects, right? Especially since she helped us settle on the […]

DIY Headboard + Custom Bookshelf = Cozy Built-in Kids Bed

Now that we’ve checked off the basic needs in each of our bedrooms (you know like beds, window coverings, clothing storage, etc), we’ve shifted our focus towards… adding even more function (hello, I’m John “Practical” Petersik). Last week we shared the current state of our bedroom and today we have a few projects that we […]