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Some Quick & Extremely Functional Laundry Closet Shelves

We mentioned on our podcast a few weeks ago that we had to quickly implement some storage systems in our new house just so we had a spot to unpack everything. Like there was a point on Day 3 or 4 of unpacking where we were faced with the reality that nothing else could get […]

#180: Decorating In The Era Of Zoom

The sudden boom of video conferencing in all of our lives is giving us a new window through which to view our homes (and the homes of others – from coworkers to celebrities and news correspondents). So what does your Zoom background say about you? And what lengths will we go to when it comes […]

Breathing Life Back Into Our Quirky Outdoor Shower

Our Cape Charles beach house quickly taught us the value of an outdoor shower. By giving people a spot to rinse off before coming inside, it keeps sand off your floors and out of your plumbing. It took us a couple of summers to get that outdoor shower fully enclosed and functional (you can see […]

#179: A Funny Byproduct Of Having To Buy Fewer Products

The perks of downsizing continue to show themselves, including a recent realization we had while shopping for curtains and blinds. It was a pretty dramatic contrast of how shopping for this house is different than our previous ones, and it highlighted some exciting freedoms that come along with that. We also take a look at […]

Our Upstairs Family Room, Four Weeks In

Last week we showed you how things landed in our kitchen, just using the furniture and things that we already own. And this week we’re sharing how it’s looking upstairs. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite rooms because it has windows on ALL FOUR SIDES. Not only does it get tons of great […]

#178: Settling Into Our New House: Expectation Vs. Reality

We’ve been in our new house for one whole month, and there are definitely some things that are shaping up differently than we had pictured. So today we’re sharing why some house projects have been easier than expected, but getting settled in a few other ways took some turns we didn’t anticipate. We’re also diving […]

Our Florida Kitchen, Three Weeks In

Well, we’ve almost been in this house for a month. How crazy is that?! We moved on the 14th of last month and this Sunday is the 14th again! The pod is all unpacked and picked up (you can listen in here about what the heck we overpacked & then donated when we got here). […]

#177: Bathrooms: A Slippery Slope?

Today we’re talking about how it has been as a family of four who is sharing one bathroom, and what plans we have for adding onto that number down the line. And while we’re on the subject (this podcast always seems to turn to bathroom-related things…) we look into the uniquely American obsession with bathrooms […]

200+ Highly Recommended Black-Owned Businesses To Support

All week on our Instagram stories we’ve been highlighting Black-owned businesses as a way that you can get involved, vote with your dollars, and show these super deserving small businesses some love. It all started because after getting personal in this post on IG and Facebook, I came across an article that said “…over the […]

#176: The Part Of Moving To A Smaller Home We Didn’t Expect

We’re in Florida (!!!) and we’ve got LOTS to tell you about all that went down on our moving day and throughout our first couple of weeks in our new home. We’re covering a lot of ground, like how we made the 13-hour drive feel faster, which of our moving predictions from our last episode […]