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Caitlin’s Minimalist Maximalist Makeover Takeover Style Intro – Things Are About To Get COLORFUL

design by black lacquer design We are getting WEIRD and BRIGHT today, folks. It’s the introduction to my MOTO and an overview of my interior style, which I’ve hereby deemed “Minimalist Maximalist.” Also if you don’t know what a MOTO is, it’s short for MakeOver TakeOver. The basic gist is that each member of the EHD […]

Our Personal Design Projects – What We Are Designing, Styling Or Redoing In Our Own Homes This Weekend

Just because our bigger design projects are currently halted, does not mean that we aren’t working on personal projects – stuff in our homes. I was so curious about what my team was planning to restyle and/or design and figured if I was curious maybe you would be, too. There is no weekend requirement to […]

The Link Up: The $15 Dress Birdie Wore 4 Days In A Row, GREAT Candle Recs From Caitlin, & Another Show To Binge

design by violet dent | photo by owen gale| via coco kelley Hello friends and welcome back. How is everyone doing? We hope you are getting enough rest and staying safe. And before we get to today’s link up, we want to extend an enormous thank you to all the healthcare workers, first responders, grocery […]

My Emotional Journey with the Instapot #nonspon (+ A Round Up Of Pantry Friendly Recipes)

That shot is the the blogger version of a swimsuit model leaning on a sportscar. Oh, the Instapot. I succumbed to cultural peer pressure last year and bought one only to find out that they turn what should be a 45-minute delicious chicken soup into a 45-minute MUSHY chicken soup. Nobody really told me that […]