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How to Lean Into Eclectic Granny The Minimalist Way (Via A Vintage Lover’s Dream Home Tour)

Thanks to my never-ending search for home inspiration, my style feels as if it is constantly evolving. This can be disorienting and design paralysis inducing, but it is never boring. Now, as I’ve painstakingly discussed over the past few months on this blog, I am leaning towards an old-world-eclectic-Italian-grandma style in my home. To solidify […]

Moving Back To Your Childhood Home… While 7 Months Pregnant… And Updating Your Parent’s House As Your “Rent”… Welcome Ajai!

Hey there, I’m Ajai (pronounced Asia). I’m a new contributor here on the blog, and I’m beyond thrilled to be sharing here a few times a month, and getting to know you all. Like many, I’m a huge fan of Emily’s, and adhere to many of her design principles when working with my clients, to […]

The Link Up: Caitlin’s $8 Storage Hack, Mallory’s New Pillow Purchase, and The Documentary We All Need To Watch (Or Rewatch)

We don’t really have the words this week for a fun intro. Friday was the gut punch. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg was a force for good and progress. What she gave of herself can only be honored by continuing her work. So let’s get to it. Have a voting plan (do it early if possible) […]

The Quest For The Perfect, Affordable “Basic” Tee Is Over… Because We Did The Legwork (Plus An Important Intro From Emily)

From Emily: With the death of RGB last night we obviously felt like a “best t-shirt roundup” fell deaf on all our ears. HONESTLY, T-SHIRTS ARE NOTHING BECAUSE ALL THAT MATTERS IS EQUALITY FOR ALL. So to try to take what now feels like a very insignificant post, we are donating all affiliate sales from […]

Our Backyard Evolution – The Changes I Didn’t Tell You About And How The Trees Are Doing After The 2017 Massacre

Four years in this backyard and many many memories made. The nature scavenger hunts, snow cone parties, but mostly just the kids having total freedom from us helicoptering since it’s just so safe. The things you want as a parent seem so boring, but once you become one you realize that all you/I want is […]

What Magazines Do You Love?

Growing up, I was obsessed with magazines. I was especially loyal to New Moon, a magazine for girls written by girls. At the time (the early 2000s), it was published in black and white — honestly, more like cream and sepia, if my memory serves me correctly — and it had no photographs, only illustrations, […]