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The fact that we have made it to August feels a bit mindblowing. But we also made it to Sunday (YES!) and that is cause for a little celebration. We hope that you can find at least a few moments where you do something that is purely for you. And if that is only the chance to read this link up then please know that we are honored! Let’s get right to it then.

We don’t know about you but this kitchen (and home) looks like what a Sunday afternoon should feel like. Sophia and Simon Cook so effortlessly mixed modern elements like the tile and cabinetry with vintage decor and architecture. And just wait until you see the bedrooms. This is clearly a home full of joy.

From Emily: A VERY exciting reveal is coming at you this week and this Sailing Ship Kite may be involved:) Ok, it is involved and I love it because it’s sculptural, playful, and has such a visual impact without being super loud. Anyone else excited/terrified for this reveal???

From Sara: I got a mask from this Etsy store and it’s amazing. It comes with a pocket filter, AND filters, has a really nice design, and comes in a lot of cute fabric options.

From Caitlin: Cousin Greg from Succession just put out a charity single called Antibodies (Do You Have The) through Atlantic Records and it’s SO CATCHY. It was produced by my old roommate, Colin, and a portion of proceeds go to Cope and Partners in Health. (Also can we talk about how Roman, Tom, and Greg the Egg all nabbed Emmy nominations this week for best-supporting actor?! Out of the 3, who do you think has the best shot at winning? I thiiiiink Tom is the strongest contender but UGH. Roman is my favorite!!)

Also From Caitlin: SOS. Which is your favorite real estate app/site? I’m noticing that each of the ones I’ve downloaded have different info on what’s contingent, what’s pending, and sometimes even what’s actually sold. Which one do you trust the most?

From Julie: This year especially I’ve been trying to prioritize my health and be more conscious of what I put into my body. So I’ve started to regularly include a superfood powder into my morning routine. It has made me feel so much better on a day to day basis and it’s just nice to know that I’ve checked that box on getting the right nutrients I need first thing.

From Ryann: I am never not buying jeans. Even when it is 100 degrees outside, I will convince myself that yes, I do in fact need another pair of vintage Levi’s. Recently, wanting to reduce the amount of clothes I buy, I started using Rent The Runway again. I really love it and the best thing I have ordered so far is these jeans. They are SO flattering and I’ve worn them 5 days straight. They are rigid though so I had to size up about 2 sizes. 10/10 recommend!!

From Jess: I honestly can’t remember where I saw the ad but it got me good because now I own a Neck Hammock. I know we all love hammocks over here but this is on a new level and doesn’t require and outdoor space. It was designed by a licensed physical therapist and according to the site, it helps to improve neck, head or shoulder pain, tension headaches, poor posture, poor sleep due to anxiety and restless thinking before bed to name a few. I want to improve ALL OF THAT. Definitely check the site to make sure it’s a good fit for you but next time we talk I plan on being a whole new human.

From Mallory: I never realized how much joy new towels could spark until I bought new towels myself. These bad boys are so cute, comfy, and come with a little tie that makes it SUPER easy to hang them on a hook…genius! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of getting out of the shower and wrapping myself in one of these. Truly a 10/10 towel rec.

That’s it for today! Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday and we hope some kind of hammock is involved:) See you tomorrow!

Opening Photo Credits: Design by Sophia and Simon Cook | via The Modern House

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