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Hi all, and welcome back into my teeny tiny bathroom for one! A little over a month ago a few of us on the team walked you through our rental bathrooms and shared our hopes/dreams of how to spruce them up for the better. Unbeknown to us (Ryann, Caitlin, & myself), Jess decided to announce in the post that she wanted to challenge all of us to get them done in 2 months. I gladly accepted this deadline cause I personally work better under pressure. Let’s just say I perfected pulling an all-nighter in design school. So ladies, how are yours coming along? I know that Caitlin has wallpaper on the way and Jess shared a very beautiful custom piece with us on our Zoom call yesterday. All I can say is that it involves more of that beautiful wood incorporated in the rest of her apartment and it’s a real good hack that I think many of you have agonized over in your own rentals. I’ve had a few items arrive like a huge half-circle vintage mirror, a vintage french towel rack and a hanging planter but there are some last-minute but big design decisions to be made and I am soooo torn. Here is where you all come into the equation, today I am hoping you’ll weigh in and just tell this Libra which direction to move forward in. 🙂

As a little reminder here is the beige box that I am working with…

WOW. I apologize for all the many, many notes of the things I want to change and this is only a mini refresh, imagine if I was doing a full renovation. Yikes! Actually, it would probably have just a big ‘X’ over everything with the exception of the window and door trim since I am quite partial to those. Let’s talk about the initial ideas I had for the space. First off, I am not planning on swapping out any of the hard fixtures. This includes the faucet, toilet paper holder, mirror, and even the vanity hardware. That last one is mainly cause I can’t remove them without ripping apart the vanity since there is a piece of wood covering the screws. I am however wanting to replace my yellowing (ewwww) plus kind of broken toilet seat cover with a beautiful new wood one. When Jess shared this bathroom trend idea, I just knew I had to have one in my life.

For the past 8 months, I was searching for a large vintage mirror to overlap that builder grade one to add some interest to it since it spans the entire wall. I finally found it and it arrived the other week but like the excellent procrastinator that I am, it currently lives under my bed. I like to tell myself, “Why should I hang it before I add temporary wallpaper or implement my paint design idea?” but in reality, it’s cause it weighs a ton and I am nervous to install it into my brittle stucco walls. Short Rant: They truly are the worst walls and make the littlest of tasks so difficult. I went to hang a piece of art with a small nail the other day and I kid you not, when I hit it softly with the hammer for the third time it sounded like half my wall crumbled behind it. Coooool. So, hanging the mirror is a bit terrifying but eventually I will gain the courage (probably after a drink or two) to see if it stays up on the wall.

Rant over.

The rest of the design refresh includes a mini medicine cabinet DIY, picking out a paint color (your choices are dark or light purple, yes purple), adding a new towel rack, some solution for storage, and styling it out.

On the other side, we have this beautiful (kidding) shower surround courtesy of circa the 1970s I assume. It’s hard to tell from the photos, but in person it looks pastel peach with some streaks of coral, it could be worse but also it could be better. For instance, a classic simple subway tile like on the front of the tub. Why didn’t they put it all over?? But I get that it being a rental would make it very hard to clean or expensive to replace over the years.

So, what has inspired the mood board you are about to weigh in on? Well, none of them are a bathroom that is for sure.

image source | image source | image source

Initially, I wanted my bathroom to carry over the “old man library” aesthetic of my bedroom and was so inspired by the three images above but then I saw this photo from Angela Wator’s Instagram

image source

That purple and coral color combo stopped my scrolling thumb amongst the sea of neutral. I think I’ve mentioned it before but the right shades of purple and I have been friends since high school when I painted my 12′ x 20′ attic bedroom floor to ceiling in purple. Arlyn wrote about the purple comeback almost two years ago and the trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down yet.

Two weeks ago I decided to give our members on EHD Insider Community a sneak peek at my two mood boards that I have been working on for the past month. My hope was that it would help me decide once and for all which direction to go but they too seemed pretty torn between the two design plans.

One of the options had more items and therefore felt a little stronger so to make it fair (Libra) I’ve updated them to include all the same stuff.

Without further adieu, let me introduce you to Option One:

Option One was designed by drawing on the elements from the first round of inspiration photos. There is pattern, there is a lot of color (maybe too much), it’s a bit moodier and definitely has that “old man library” feel but like his wife came in and for sure put up that shower curtain.

My design heart was set on this plan until I thought of two things. The first is that it might be a lot for a tiny bathroom where I try to relax as I get ready for my day in the mornings and take my baths to again relax at night. And two, the temporary wallpaper in yellow did not look great next to my shower surround.

Here’s the proof…

I was afraid that it would accentuate the shower surround and make it look more dated than it already did. What I needed was a contrasting color…purple, lilac to be exact.

That brings us to Option Two which incorporates a lot of the same elements but is more tonal (read: relaxing) but my question to you is, is it too safe?

In this option, I am deciding to forego the peel & stick floor tiles. It’s kind of a relief in a way since I am not sure how much longer I will be in this apartment and it seems very time consuming to put them down just to spend hours removing them in maybe less than a year. I do love the ones that I had found so I hope Ryann uses the black colorway in her own rental bathroom. Do it, Ryann! And, if you are wondering what that wood frame is for, that’s the mini medicine cabinet DIY. I am making a simple wood frame with cheap hobby board to cover up the chrome and calling it a day.

Alright! Now is the time to cast your votes below. 🙂 Do I go with the more bold Option One? Or the lilac and rust color combo of Option Two? You decide so I don’t have to, please and thank you! Talk to you all soon xx

Opener Image Credit: Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: Makeover Takeover: Julie’s HUGE (and DIY packed) Bedroom Upgrade

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