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Our Cape Charles beach house quickly taught us the value of an outdoor shower. By giving people a spot to rinse off before coming inside, it keeps sand off your floors and out of your plumbing. It took us a couple of summers to get that outdoor shower fully enclosed and functional (you can see it here in this post), so it was a nice perk that our new Florida house already had one ready to go. Well, if you consider non-functioning plumbing and grime-covered walls “ready to go.”

This space kind of baffled us at first. It looked like some sort of open-air sauna thing. And maybe it was just all of the dirt and leaves, but neither of us could imagine wanting to spend a lot of time in there. So we basically instructed our contractors to leave it alone during the initial renovation and focus their energy (and our money) basically everywhere else (more on our big outdoor makeover here).

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