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Our Florida house reno is moving right along. Wanna see it?! We do too! That sounds like a joke, but I’m serious. We haven’t seen any of these changes in person yet, so all of the pictures in this post are from our contractor who has been working on our house over the last two months. So please forgive us if some are a little blurry (like the one below) or not exactly the same angle as our before photos. We’re happy to have any pictures we can get! And when we finally LIVE THERE (there’s still not an exact moving date pinned down – but fingers crossed for sometime next week) we’ll share approximately 4378 photos and videos. And that is a promise.

Today we’re going to share some major progress that has been made in FIVE different spaces that you saw in the “before” tour (and yes, we saved our favorite for last!).

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