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Eiiiiiiiiiiii! That’s my excited dolphin sound. I do an IMPRESSIVE impression when I’m extra hyped (according to my kids). Anyway, I’m BEYOND excited to take you on a little tour of our new house in Florida, as it looked when we first laid eyes on it back in February. As luck would have it, that was also the last time we laid eyes on it in person (thanks to our spring break trip being cancelled due to staying hunkered down at home). So it feels like a ton has changed since we were in it a few months ago – both from a global standpoint (worldwide pandemic), and also from a reno standpoint (since we took these photos & the video walk-though, a lot of the things that made it unlivable at the time have been remedied over the last 6 weeks or so by our contractor and his small socially distant crews 😉

As in there are no longer holes in the floor, there’s working AC, and the bathroom has a toilet that flushes (and there’s no longer a sink in the tub – stand by for that shot in the video).

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