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Merry Christmas from our crazy family to your and yours. We are up at the mountain house, all a little sick with colds, so we are snuggling hard, playing games and making a lot of soup and broth. We survived the final days of work and I have no intention of doing much work the next 10 days or so – but my wonderful team planned a lot for the next week – so check back if you get bored. We do our annual ‘wrap up’ with the most popular posts on every platform (and my reaction to it).

But today my usual wordy self has to cut it short to go see Santa (yes on Christmas Eve – cutting it VERY close to the big day). Let’s just hope that the kids don’t all of a sudden ask him for any unrehearsed toys….

Merry Christmas. I say that with glassy eyes as I’m seriously so grateful for that man, those two kids and you, a community of people who have made my life and career truly very fulfilling. It’s a pretty darn great Christmas, already. xx


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