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Despite being someone with a strong robe philosophy, I’ve been without a good one for too long. Shopping for robes feels daunting (there isn’t exactly a robe store), so in the name of “good robes for all,” I took this opportunity to shop and try on around 30 different robes. I narrowed it down to 10 that I love and think would be great gifts for yourself or anyone else still on your list. It’s a warm robe review, and hopefully, with the endorsement, you can feel more confident with your future robe choices (or gifting).

We’ll break in down into three categories: the “doubles as a towel” style (usually terrycloth or cotton fabric so it’s easy to dry off in), cozy blanket style (you still need to dry off) and “all day” style (more of a mid-weight). One doesn’t need three robes, but as I was test-robe-ing them around my house, I realized not all robes are good for all tasks, although there are some below that do double duty. Here goes.

The Cuddly Cozy/Blanket Style Robe

Sure you are dry now, but what if you want to wear a literal blanket and cozy up at night or weekend mornings and watch tv with two cuddly kids? You need that blanket robe. These are CRAZY soft and comfortable, but you must be fully dry before putting them on or it gets kinda sticky. Also the cozier they are the more cumbersome they are and thus aren’t great at doing some activities like cooking breakfast, picking up the house or putting on makeup.

Emily Henderson best robes12Emily Henderson best robes11

Frosted Plush Robe, $79: Oh dear this robe is so warm, it’s truly like wearing a blanket. I like the color; that gray reflects light in a great way. The only thing is I worry about the material of the cuff and collar. I wonder if that texture is going to attract lint. Verdict: On the scale of warmth, this is a 10—definitely cold cozy winter nights on top of pajamas instead of a blanket.

Margot Faux Fur Slippers, $38: These feel like a luxurious gift that I would like in a spa package. You feel very special and taken care of, like somebody really loves you if you received them as a gift. Yes, they are comfortable and they have a hard sole, but I worry about white slippers with my kids. Verdict: A GREAT gift (and affordable at $38).

Emily Henderson best robes10

Stars Above Cozy Robe, $30: Now this is the one that I kept. It’s EXTREMELY cozy, but not as warm as the first one which is good because I don’t need it that warm. The color makes me happy and it falls/drapes well. It doesn’t feel as bulky and cumbersome as others. Like I might be able to make pancakes in it.

UGG Scuffette II Slipper, $85: This is my first pair of Uggs if you can believe it (my second is below). I’m a convert. They are good, stylish and I can pop out for the paper in them (true story).

Emily Henderson best robes9

Mariposa Robe, $128: This robe is so pretty and of course cozy. I think it’s a hit especially if you want to feel a bit sexy, while still wearing a fluffy robe. The color, texture and length lend themselves to more of that vibe. It is more on the expensive side but would be a great gift to someone who loves comfort and luxury.

Emily Henderson best robes9Emily Henderson best robes8

Faux Shearling Trim Velous Caftan, $130: Okay. Hear me out. My best friend, Suzanne whose fashion advice I trust, is a robe connoisseur. She got the caftan robe idea from her grandma (not shocking) and finds her self wearing this style all weekend. There are no ties so once you zip it up, you feel like you can just float around the house unencumbered, but still so warm and cozy. The question is: does the embarrassment of its granniness trump its ease and comfort?

I felt very good wearing it as we were shooting and it showed. As Mallory put it: “If the ghost of Emily Henderson was haunting your house, this is what she would appear in.”

The “Doubles As a Towel” Robe

The benefit of this type of robe is that it’s made out of towel fabric (usually terrycloth or 100% cotton). I like it straight out of the shower. I usually towel off quickly, then use that towel for my hair while the robe does the rest of the job. I wear one while I pick out my outfit, and hang it up right after.

Emily Henderson best robes7

Classic Bathrobe, $99: Some of these types of robes can be super oversized and bulky (I think it’s a thing that some people do like) but this one still drapes really well and is rather slimming. I also like the color—it is a cute pink not your average white towel robe.

Women’s Dezo Slippers, $23: These ladies look really expensive and chic, they are kind of perfect for popping over to the grocery store and not look like you are wearing slippers. And the felt is a nice non-traditional slipper material that I really like.

Emily Henderson best robes6

Super Plush Robe, $98: This robe is more of your oversized hotel style and is really nice for someone who loves a spa day. It’s great quality and is still very cozy, because it is made from 100% Turkish cotton so it feels very luxurious while still being practical.

Emily Henderson best robes6Emily Henderson best robes5

Terry Velour Robe, $89: This is a top pick because check this out—it’s a very soft terrycloth on the inside so it can still dry you off, and yet soft on the outside…you could skip the towel after the shower if you wanted. I love how it drapes and doesn’t feel that bulky.

The Sherpa Bootie Slipper, $60: I wore these all weekend, they have a sole on the bottom so you could wear inside and out. They are way less bulky than Uggs (and more affordable) and like a bit stylish and intentional, yet classic.

The Everyday Robe

I didn’t realize that I needed a mid-weight for the over-the-jammies, easy to wear all day robe. It seems weird to cook pancakes in a big fluffy robe, like surely the batter will get all over that fur. So I need one that has slimmer arms, sleeves that don’t feel like an obstacle,  and with a heavier drape so it stays out of the way (and keeps you warm).

Emily Henderson best robes4

Sierra Brushed Terry Robe, $78: This robe seems boring, but so far it’s my go-to every weekend look. It fits the bill of ‘easy to throw on’, you can definitely make pancakes in it, but its still warm (but not bulky). We live in La, it’s not that cold here so this is the perfect amount of comfort that I need.

UGG Classic Short Boot, $170: I finally got some Ugg boots, which I had to quickly take off, put in box and wrap for under the tree as per Brian’s demands. I’m very excited to debut them on Christmas for two weeks up at the cabin.

Emily Henderson best robes3

Honeycomb Bathrobe, $98: This one is a little more lightweight, and does double duty as being waffle material (not terrycloth, but absorbent and can dry you) and is easy/lightweight. I like the texture a lot. We decided that people who like linen sheets would love this robe. It’s chic and a bit fashionable and looks like it’s been washed a million times, in a good way. You would look pretty cool with a little jammie set underneath. It’s California sexy.

Emily Henderson best robes2

Duffield II Robe, $130: This is the single most recommended robe from you guys in my DMs. I do really like it. It’s a mid-weight, everyday robe with cozy fabric inside and this flannel material outside. My only beef with it is that where the pockets are adds volume to my hips, so it doesn’t feel as flattering as some of the others. I just wish they rotated those pockets to the front.

Here they all are, guys. And if you have any others to suggest, please do so in the comments. May the world be a warmer, cozier place now … 😉

Emily Henderson best robes1

1. Frosted Plush Robe | 2. Stars Above Cozy Robe | 3. Mariposa Robe | 4. Faux Shearling Trim Velous Caftan | 5. Classic Bathrobe | 6. Super Plush Robe | 7. Terry Velour Robe | 8. Sierra Brushed Terry Robe | 9. Honeycomb Bathrobe | 10. Duffield II Robe | 11. Margot Faux Fur Slippers | 12. Ugg Slippers | 13. Women’s Dezo Slippers | 14. The Sherpa Bootie Slipper | 15. Ugg Boots

**photography by Veronica Crawford 

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