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Happy Thanksgiving – (And An Ask The Audience – Searching For Doable And Feel Good Holiday Traditions)

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Happy Thanksgiving. So this is what happens, huh? As children we see our moms happy-cry all the time and like most big things in life you don’t really listen or understand until it’s happening to you. So now, it’s my time. Saying I’m grateful for what I have in life is a massive understatement, but it’s Thanksgiving, and I really, really am.

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I get asked all the time in interviews what are our holiday traditions and I don’t really know how to answer and I want that to change. Sure, we see Santa, make cookies, build gingerbread houses but this is the first year that having them be slightly older – ACTUAL KIDS (at 4 and 6) we are ready for some big kid traditions and I’d love your help.

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What do you really remember from your childhood that imprinted? What felt special and personal to your family that you tell people you did? What do you do now that you are proud of? I want to know it all.

A lot of what I remember that we did as kids were facilitated by our church which is super helpful – huge potlucks, lots of service projects, caroling and making gifts. So in a general mid-life quest to ensure I’m doing everything with meaning and purpose I would LOVE to know what you guys do to do that.

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One thing we are starting this year (in my family is a service advent calendar) is 12 acts or days (or more – we are still formulating it) of service that are actually doable and meaningful during such a busy month. This is everything from making a gift for your UPS guy to caroling at a nursing home, donating toys. etc. You get it. I would LOVE to get suggestions from you guys on what service projects you think we should include. We are going to create one that is more kid-oriented, as a huge part of this is instilling this pattern in them, and one less kid-oriented, that is for grownups.

So if you have time today or over the weekend to share some your wonderful, family bonding, character inducing traditions I would be so grateful (as if I’m not already grateful for all of your and your constant support and feedback). Have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving and I can’t wait to read and compile all of your responses. xx

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